The Benefits of New Vinyl Windows

When it comes to home improvements, most people are focused on redoing a kitchen or building a nice deck. However, there are some great benefits to shifting gears and looking for more functional windows first. While new windows may not have the glamour of granite counters, they can still make your life easier, create a more comfortable home, and help you save money in some unexpected ways.


Reliable and Easy to Use

Unlike aging windows that are falling apart, vinyl fixtures are easy to use. They slide up and down easily in the frames and hold the desired position. They’re simple to lock, and you can count on them working smoothly without sticking or other challenges. Some of the newer options also come with special features that make them extremely easy to clean. If you’ve been struggling with older windows that just don’t work right any more, then it’s time to treat yourself to windows that will work right every time.

No More Painting

Wood windows were once considered the top option for new homes, but wood comes with its own drawbacks. The problem with wood is that it must be protected from the elements, and that means scraping, sanding, painting and caulking. Once your vinyl windows are in place, you won’t have to do anything with them other than clean the glass occasionally.

The Energy Savings

Install new windows and you can expect to bring your utility bills down. How much of a drop you’ll see depends on what type of windows were already in your home. The biggest savings is seen with a drastic change from old metal frames and single pane glass to quality vinyl windows with double panes. However, even windows that were only installed 15 years ago are not as energy efficient as the new models, so you can expect to see some savings even if your home was built after the turn of the century.

The Unexpected Savings

The unexpected savings comes in with the maintenance and care of your HVAC system. New windows block drafts and reduce heat transfer to keep the treated air inside your home where you want it. This means that your air conditioner and furnace won’t have to work overtime to make up for lost air. The result is a system that requires less maintenance and can last longer overall.
You can also have the glass treated with special coatings to cut down on UV rays. This saves your furniture and flooring by preventing fading. Special coatings are also available to practically eliminate heat transfer so that hot air will stay outside in the summer, and you can trap more of the treated warm air inside the home during the cooler months.

Peace and Quiet At Last

If you’ve been struggling with loud exterior environment, then you may find that your home is suddenly quieter when you install new windows. The fact is that blocking the drafts also serves to block the noise, so you can have the peace and quiet that you’ve been craving.

Improved Curb Appeal

Even if you don’t change the style, shape, or size of your home, you’ll still find that that new windows give the space a fresh new look. You’ll boost your curb appeal without even really trying. When it’s time to sell the property, potential buyers will notice the updated windows, and that will help your home make a better impression on them.
Make an investment in your home by replacing the outdated and inefficient windows. You deserve to have fixtures that are easy to use and require little maintenance. You’ll lower your immediately energy bills and your long-term HVAC maintenance costs while creating a more comfortable living space.

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