The Benefits of Coolwall Tex-Cote Painting Your Home

If you live in an area where you spend a portion of the year running your air conditioning system to make your home cool, you are probably very aware of the amount of money that cooling can add to your overall energy costs.

What can be frustrating is that your options for saving money on air conditioning have been traditionally limited to finding other ways to power a cooling unit that will keep your home comfortable. In fact, in many areas like Arizona, people that move there often ask if it is possible that people were able to live there before they invented air conditioning because the sun and the heat during the day can become so hot that it is hard to imagine not using air conditioning.
Fortunately, technology that was developed for space exploration and national defense has finally been brought to bear on the problem. One resulting product is known as Tex-Cote Coolwall Paint.

What Tex-Cote Can Do For You

Tex-Cote is a high technology coating that uses reflection to decrease the amount of invisible light and energy that your home aborbs. Similar to the effect that wearing sun glasses has on people exercising in the heat, homes that are clad in Tex-Cote Coolwall reflect the sun so that your walls never heat up as much as they normally do. Because of this, your home stays cooler inside as less heat is absorbed.
The net savings to you will typically start to accrue right away in the form of lower cooling bills.
Tex-Cote’s manufacturer realized that the product had a lot of potential several years ago and started extensive testing with the formulas that they had developed in order to ensure that they could produce products that would not only lower your energy bill, but stand the test of time.
After very stringent testing recently, it was determined that a home coated with Tex-Cote should last for at least 10 years without needing to be touched up. This is largely a benefit of the choice to go with a reflective technology that reduces the affect of heat and glare instead of a particle-based coating that may have gaps in the coverage that it provides.
The Coolwall coating is also available in many different colors, giving people that are interested in meeting neighborhood building codes and convenants options that they might not otherwise have.

Is it difficult to apply the coating?

Although it is possible to paint your home yourself with Coolwall, many homeowners choose to have contractors put the coating on their exterior walls because it can be a large time savings.
If you are putting Tex-Cote on yourself, the application is pretty straightforward. The number one thing to remember is that if the color underneath does not match the color that you are painting your home, you will need to put a primer coat on first. The only other caveat is that you ensure that your wall is a smooth and continuous surface before you start painting so that you can achieve the maximum effect of its reflective properties.
If your walls are jagged or have gaps in them, it is a good idea to consider repairing them before you get started with your painting.

How does Tex-Cote fare in Orange County?

There is a wide range of temperatures throughout Orange County during the year. The fact that there is limited rain means that Tex-Cote will likely last much longer than it is rated for. On the other hand, if you live inland, where temperatures can climb, it is important to ensure that you have applied your Tex-Cote Coolwall paint very thoroughly so that your entire home is covered. If you would like to see the range of colors that are available to you, the best place to do so is the website.

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