Getting The Right Roofing Material Is Important For Homeowners

There will come a time when a homeowner needs to decide on what type of roofing material to get for their house. There are a number of choices available. Lower-cost roofing will have a shorter lifespan and roofing that costs more will last a longer time. The goal is to get a roofing material that provides a balance and meets the homeowner’s needs.

Original Or Replacement Roof

When a homeowner is deciding on roofing material for their house, they will either be choosing material for an original roof to be installed on their new home or replacing the roof of an existing home. A homeowner deciding on material for a newly-constructed house should consider all options available. A homeowner with an existing roof needs to decide if they want to stay with their house’s current roofing material or try something new. They also have to choose a roofing material that will work with the pre-existing conditions of the house like roof pitch, existing roof makeup as well as the underlying roofing structure. A homeowner needs to also know if their local government requires a specific type of roofing material.

Anticipated Time Of Ownership

A homeowner needs to decide how long they intend to stay in their house prior to deciding on the roofing material. If a homeowner needs to get a new roof but intends to move out of the home in a short period of time, less expensive roofing material may be the best choice. If a homeowner intends to live in their house for a long period of time, they might want to consider the more expensive option for roofing material.

Steep Pitched Roofs

Homeowner’s with steeper pitched roofs know these are visually attractive but have more area that requires roofing material than a flat roof. Pitched roofs are known for providing impressive aesthetics. This type of roof would require an investment into roofing material that maintains its visual appeal. The right roofing material can complement the rest of the house and improve it appearance.

Large Trees And Roofs

There are certain types of roofing material that perform better if trees taller than the home are near the roof. In some cases, tree branches may extend over the roof. Any type of roofing shingle will break if a large branch from a tree falls on it. There is roofing material that is less costly and easier to fix than other types. When dealing with large trees near a roof with overhanging branches, an asphalt shingle may perform better than a roof made of clay-based tile. If a homeowner needs to get repairs to an expensive roof due to damage from a tree, it could negatively impact their homeowner’s insurance rates.

Asphalt Shingles

These consist of a combination of organic material or fiberglass with a backing of mineral granules. These shingles are easy to install. This is one of the more popular shingles for homeowners who want to install the shingles on their roof by themselves. Most of these types of products are cost effective, but there are also premium brands available.

Metal Roofing

There are a number of metal roofing materials available such as copper, steel, aluminum and more. It also comes as sheeting or tiles to be installed on a roof. Should someone not want their roof to appear smooth, they can purchase steel roofing that has been coated. This will provide the same texture as roofing material made from asphalt.

Composite Roofing

This is tile made with plastic, rubber or both for a roofing material. There is also fiber cement shingles in this roofing material category. This roofing material is designed to imitate other types of roofing material such as slate or tile. It has the advantage of being lighter and made from materials that can be easily recycled.

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