A Walk-in Bathtub Will Improve Your Life

People consider getting a walk in bathtub for a variety of reasons. It is possible to have a walk in bathtub designed to meet specific physical or medical needs. The type and size of a walk in bathtub will depend on a person’s bathing requirements and available space.

Safer Entry and Exit

Many people are most vulnerable to injury when it comes to getting in or out of a traditional bathtub. With a walk in bathtub, a person simply needs to open a door, enter and then close the door. They are then ready to bathe. A walk in bath door will come with a leak proof seal. It enables easy access and will last a lifetime. The requirement to climb in or out of a tub and risk slipping and falling are over.


In many cases, a walk in bathtub means a person will no longer need help from someone when it comes time to bathe. This feature is very attractive to individuals with disabilities or mobility issues. A walk in bathtub will provide them with the independence and privacy they desire.

Arthritis Benefits

More than 70 million individuals live with some type of arthritis. This inflammation of the joints can cause painful swelling, stiffness and can drastically reduce movement. It is possible for people to get pain relief by soaking in warm water. This will relax their joint muscles. A walk in bathtub can provide the perfect environment for a person with arthritis to experience warm water message.

Circulation Improvement

When a person soaks in soothing water, the capillaries in their skin open up. This provides fresh oxygen that will clean and renew the surface of their skin. It also increases the amount of blood flow and oxygen provided to a person’s body. This will lead to the removal of toxins, better digestion and a number of heart health benefits.

Sleep Benefits

At night, a person wants to drift off into a deep sleep so they can be refreshed for the next day. After a stressful day or one that involves dealing with chronic pain, sleep may be difficult. A walk in bathtub is something people should consider before they use any type of over-the-counter sleep aid. A warm and relaxing bath in a walk in tub could be the solution. Studies conducted in a number of different countries have shown that taking a comforting bath prior to sleeping puts a person’s into a state of calm. A full night’s sleep is then much more easily obtained.


There was a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine about walk in bathtubs and type II diabetes. Individuals who had this condition experienced a 13 percent decrease in their blood sugar levels when they regularly used a walk in bathtub. They also reported an elevated sense of well-being from using warm water therapy. Their stress levels decreased, and this helped to control their blood sugar levels.

Consistent Water Temperature

The inline heater used in a walk in bathtub is designed to keep the water at a constant temperature during the entire time a person is in it. This provides a more soothing and relaxed as well as a much better bathing experience. This will prevent individuals from being burned by hot water or body shock from a rapid decrease in body temperature.


The ability to safely get in and out of a walk in bathtub reduces stress for many people who want to bathe. A walk in bathtub may have features that provide a variety of health benefits. They could be water therapy, air therapy and more. The health of a person’s muscles can improve. A walk in bathtub could also help with healing when recovering from an injury and more.

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